Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Zoo

We went to the zoo when mom was here. Here are some pictures I took while we were there. This zoo is really great because you can get pretty close to the animals. :)

And you thought rodents of unusual size were just in the movies... :) This is a cappybara. pretty funny little guy. About the size of a large pig. We just read a book about one called: Cappyboppy by Bill Peet. It's a favorite among homeschoolers.

I loved this monkey sitting, watching the people watch him. :)

The kids are looking at a turtle, here. See that big round rock in the top left corner, by the elephant? Chloe was very excited when she saw that, because she thought it was an elephant egg. :)

I love this gorilla. He's got quite a personality. There's a big observation room where you can go look at him & his woman. The only thing separting you is a thick peice of glass. He likes to sit there just like that, and then suddenly jump up and bang on the glass & watch the little kids cry. It makes me laugh every time. When I took this picture, looked straight at me. :)

Our zoo also lets you feed the giraffes. Chloe had one lick her on the face when she was feeding it once. :)

Anyone know what kind of bird this is? --dad?

The lion exhibit is pretty cool, too. This one also has glass so you can get right up close to them. Once, he yawned right in front of me, and i looked right inside his mouth.


"One of us" said...

Wow, great pics...you've been BUSY! Love all the posts, and btw, that's an african crested crane - beautiful birds!


~just me~ said...

Thanks. :) you confused me a little, because my dad told me it's a grey crowned crane. So i looked them both up in google & they looked the same. apparently, just 2 different names for the same bird.

here are 2 websites my dad sent: