Friday, March 16, 2007

We miss you already, Granny Janny!

Well, my dear mother left yesterday. We had sooo much fun with her! One thing that we love to do when she's in town, is to let each of the kids have alone time with her. Since Zachy & Evy are too young, it's just Chloe & Gideon. They had a blast going to the pier & the beach & eating junk-food, and having someone's undivided attention. :) I especially enjoyed my alone time going shopping with her. One evening, we spent almost THREE hours in Ann Taylor Loft, and we only left because it was half-an-hour past closing time. :) Some other things we enjoyed were rolled-up pancakes every morning, playing outside, bedtime stories, finding a gopher, going to the zoo, getting smoothies, and looking for the perfect piece of art to go over my bed. We're going to miss her. :(

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I got of her while she was here. :)
(sheesh! doesn't this sound like something you would read when someone dies?)


"One of us" said...

What a pretty Mama! You look a lot like her too. Glad you had such a wonderful visit together.

~just me~ said...

Thank you. :)