Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Joshua Generation

Here is an excerpt from a book I read recently. This book is written by an internationally known children's minister, and it talks about God's heart for this current generation of children. I've already shown this to some of you, but it's so great that I thought I'd share it with everyone. :)

From Born for Such a Time as This by Daphne Kirk
(can be purchased for $8.98 from Kingsgate Publishing )

Each generation has an edict from God for their lifetime; consequently, it is essential to really understand God’s vision for young people and children today. I hear the heartbeat of a similar prophetic message being given all over the world. The following is not a word given to me, or through me, but the heartbeat of what I hear in nation after nation. The voice of God is being clearly heard.

Many have called this the ‘Joshua generation’; They are chosen to inherit the land. They will not wait for death, in order to come into their inheritance; they will go and take their inheritance. Their inheritance is waiting for them. They will inherit what they have not looked or asked for. They will inherit what others have interceded for. They must remember that others have fought and dreamed for what they will receive. This is a generation consecrated with an anointing for battle, for a high and noble task, namely to rise up and possess the land. They will see things speed up, they will look and the answer will be there, they will speak and it will happen. They will see come to pass what many have spent years looking for. This will be normal to them; this will be their expectation.

There is an awakening sweeping across the earth; this generation will see what others have only heard; they will see the streams in the desert, and they will see the glory of God poured out.
They will not live by the rules of previous generations; they will have life and a vision that cannot be contained. They will look different…be different, and have a power and a zeal different from other generations. They will be what others have struggled to see realized, they will understand divine strategy, and find it easy to walk in.

They will manifest as a wild, radical generation of believers who practice holiness, who know how to love and forgive. They are an elite army, rising from every part of the earth. They are coming from the north, the south, the east and the west. They are rising up from the dry places, and emerging from the wilderness. They have been chosen for advance and not for retreat.
They will take Jesus everywhere - into places of influence, and to the poor and rich alike. They are a massive army being trained right now. There will not be time to train them later. Now is the time to equip and release them to be all they are called to be. They are called to be an army of prophets and prophetesses, to hear the beat of God’s heart, to march to its message, and to stand in the city gates and prophesy.

This is the time for the spirit of Nazarites, for the ‘Elijah revolution’. A radically obedient, holy generation full of grace, mercy and boldness. All over the world, there will be stadiums filled with youth, praying. They will come together for no other reason than to intercede and pray. As they stay close to anointed men, and as they serve them, God will open doors that they have not known existed. They will shake the nations and take his glory to the ends of the earth because they have a vision and a passion for the harvest. It will be seen why the enemy has tried to destroy them . He saw the end-time army, willing to die for what they believe, ready and willing to lay down their lives.

Previous generations have stood through hard times without seeing the result. They stood for this generation; they paid the price for something this generation could inherit.
I cannot stress too much the importance of understanding what God has in his heart for the youth of today. If we don’t understand what God is saying, we may miss the mark for the children and young people, but more importantly, for God himself.

God only knows what the coming years are going to hold for this world. He knows how best to equip our youngest generation for these coming years. We can no longer look to the past and make decisions based on what did or did not work. This is a new day, a time to understand the purposes of god now and for the coming years. Before we equip and disciple our young, we need to be equipped with his vision, his plan and his purposes.

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