Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hammock Time

Here are some cute pics of Granny Janny w/the kids. It's so nice to go out there & sit in the hammock & enjoy the outside. :)--Notice the jasmine in the first picture? It smells Sooooo good right now!

Wanna hear a funny story? See how that top bar of the hammock is broken? Well, Chris was sitting in the hammock w/all the kids, just like in that picture. And then he asked me to join him. And I said, "I don't know.... I wouldn't want to break it." But he assured me it would be fine. So I got in...and It was fine. A few minutes later, a friend came over. And Chris invited *her* in. And even though we were both concerned that it could break, Chris was confident. And besides, "Even if it does break. It won't be that bad. We're not that far off the ground." So our friend got one foot into the hammock, & the whole tihng came crashing down. And all the kids were screaming and crying. And all of us had bruises on our butt that lasted several days.

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