Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beach Day!

We never go to the beach. I think I've been twice since Chloe was born. Beaches just aren't very little-kid friendly. Chloe and Gideon are probably both at the age where I would be happy to take them. --maybe even Zachy.....I'd take Evy alone.....but taking them all together... whew!

I tried it last summer. I thought I was ready. Nope. Since we live in tourist central, the beach was packed. We had to park about 5 blocks away. --and you can't take the stroller on the beach. so i had to haul all the kids' junk in a wagon, while carrying the baby. That was a bit much, but it was okay...until we got to the sand. What a PAIN! so we finally got to where we were going & parked our stuff. It's a little crazy trying to keep your eye on 4 little ones who can't swim, when you're at the ocean. but it turned out to be a lot of fun. ...until i had to change evy's diaper and the sand kept blowing in her eyes. And at the same time, Zachy got sand in his eyes and was crying and wiping them with his sandy hands. And then i just decided to leave, but one of chloe's shoes got burried in the sand. So we had to leave without it. And after dragging all of the kids and their things back to the car, and after strapping them into their seats, and after getting home & giving them all baths, I had to make dinner. And by the time dinner was done, i crashed on the couch & went to sleep, and poor chris spent the evening alone. :(

All that to say, I really like the beach, and i really wish we went more often, but it's such a pain that we never do. until today. We're going to the beach today. The weather had been so nice (up to the 80's on some days) --perfect beach weather. my Aunt & Uncle & cousin are in town, so we're going w/my mom to meet them at the beach. The weather today is cold and cloudy, but that's okay. we'll bundle up and have fun. I've got my car packed with picnic stuff and blankets and jackets and sand toys. i have no idea how we'll get it all to the beach, since the wagon we used last year has rusted to nothing. I'm very excited about going today. i'm desperately hoping that it will turn out okay, and we will have turned a corner, and we'll start going all the time. Hopefully it will help to have three other adults with me.... We'll see! :)


"One of us" said...

I was laughing out loud at your vivid description of the beach day last summer! It sounds just awful, but because it happened so long ago, it was just crazy funny!

Hope today was a better experience and how brave of you on such a chilly cloudy day! I thought it was suppose to be in the 70s and sunny today-so much for the weather report.

Did you try out Haskell's Beach today? It is really gorgeous and we went there on a cloudy day too. Spectacular!

Two Beach Tips: first, carry baby powder with you and at the car before getting in, just powder your feet, legs, hands, and the sand just falls right off. It's great. Second, if your son gets sand in his eyes real bad like mine do, take a swig of water and spit it right in their eye (while holding them down and holding their eye open) It seems wierd, but it works magnificently and they'll be so glad you did it!

Long comment tonight!

~just me~ said...

well, I'm glad you were so amused at my expense. :)

When i've got time, i'll do a whole new post on how it turned out yesterday, but yes... it was very cold.

no, we didn't go to haskell's. My mom checked it out for me, but said that it had a bunch of rocks to climb over, so it would be hard w/the baby & hauling a bunch of stuff. But she said it's really nice. We went to Goleta beach & parcked right next to the restaraunt, where you don't have to walk far at all to find a good spot. i think it's my new favorite beach, just because it's so quickly accessible from the car.

love the beach tips! thank you! de-sanding was our biggest problem. i'll be sure to bring the baby powder...*if* we ever go again. ;)