Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ten Years Ago

today, on March 22, 1997, I was visiting my grandma on spring break. My school didn't give us access to a kitchen, and I had been craving chocolate chip cookies. So one of the first things I did when I got to her house was make myself a big batch. That evening, as I was sitting in the living room, talking with her, one of her tennants walked in. Grandma intruduced me to him, and he walked back toward the kitchen where he spotted my tasty cookies, and asked if he could have one. So Grandma and I walked into the kitchen and talked to him awhile while he ate my love-cookies. And Grandma slipped out of the kitchen while we talked more. And we talked again in the morning... and the next evening...and the next morning.... and we played cards in the evenings... and we went to the movies...and we went to the beach... and to the mountains....and we fell in love.
:) *sigh* :)

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"One of us" said...

Oh that's too cute. Who said you're not a writer (caught that in your previous post about Grandma's Attic!) ?

More of these and you'll have a nice little book for your kiddos someday!