Friday, March 30, 2007

This is me, Trying to be artistic

Every time I take chloe to ballet, I let the boys play in a little courtyard area. Every time we go, I think, "this would be the perfect plact to take pictures." The background is simple, & the lighting is great. Anyway... I brought my camera w/me last Monday, & took these pictures:

I love this one. A little boy playing soccer (in a bit of a ballerina pose) in front of the fancy ballerina posters.

Again, I like the contrast of the ballet clothes & the soccer ball.

I mentioned the other day, that I read a book about photography. In it, there was a really cool portrait of some children: 3 or 4 boys dressed in their sports uniforms, standing around their little sister who was dressed in her prissy ballerina outfit. It was VERY cute. this is my attempt to do something similar. it's not near as good as his. that's why he's writing the book and I'm reading it. :)


Anonymous said...

GREAT, sweet pictures, Kari! :)
I'm so iimpressed.


~just me~ said...

Thanks Mom . :)

"One of us" said...

Very artistic -- I love the way you think Karina, and I don't even really know you, ha!

~just me~ said...

Thanks, krista. :) --what do you mean, "the way i think?" --some day we'll actually get to know eachother. :)..maybe park day...