Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our House... In the middle of the street...

Way back when we moved into our house, some of you asked to see pictures of it. Well, here they are! :) As always, you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.

This is looking into the house from the front door. To the far right is the living room (you can see the corner of the couch). Just beyond that is the dining room, and through the door ahead is the kitchen, school room, and back yard. To the left is the playroom and all the bedrooms.

Now we're standing in the archway that was in the first picture. From left to right is the dining room, living room, and front door.

Now we're standing in the dining room. here you can see the living room on the left, and the play room in the center. Chris' dad is staying w/us right now, so the futon is opened up into a bed, & that room is currently our guest room. :) The hallway on the right side of the picture leads to the bedrooms.

This is a picture of the kitchen from the school room. It's nice and big. Maybe one day I'll get bar stools to go w/the island.

This is the school room. The on the right is a piano. One day, i'll hang a huge map of the world over it. the table is where the kids do school work & artsy things. Behind the table a fireplace w/candles in it. --I don't light them much cuz the little ones will get into them (remember the picture of evy in the fireplace?) The glass door on the right leads to the side of the house. We have a hammock there, right next to the fence, where the jasmine is blooming. yum! To the left of the fireplace is another back door that leads to the main back yard.

The boys' room.

This is the girls' room. Outside their window is a hill covered w/purple flowers. Evelyn's crib is on the wall w/the door (where I'm standing). On day when she's bigger, they'll have bunk beds.

This is our Master Bedroom. The blue thing on the left is our bed w/the brand new bedding that I bought when mom was here. I love it! At the back is a our computer hutch, where I sit & write my blog. :) And all around the hutch, you'll see lots of clutter... those are things that are waiting for me to put in the rest of the house. (I can't keep them in the garage, because that is Chris' sacred territory. I'm lucky I get to do laundry in there.) I'm very excited about that picture in the back left corner. Mom & I got it when she was here. I hung it by my bed on Saturday. It makes me happy, & reminds me of the quote: "The earth laughs in flowers" On the right of the picture, you can see my curtains blowing gently in the wind. aaaahhh....

This is the master bathroom, which is to the right, off a hall leading to the bedroom. It has a great big shower that's lot of fun. On the left wall of the bathroom is a door leading to the back yard. That's a lot of fun, because we can run out to the jacuzzi & back w/o going through the whole house. Behind me as I take the picture is a walk-in-closet.
As you can see, we have a lovely home. :) It was built in the 60's or 70's, but it was remodeled right before we moved in. The lady who re-did everything had planned to live here herself, but decided to move to San Diego w/her son at the last minute. Everything here was brand new & top notch when we moved in. We are VERY fortunate to live in such a beautiful home. :)

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