Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So the other day, mom & the kids were out in the hammock & i kept hearing a noise, like an animal nearby. As I went to inspect, I noticed that a lot of our agapantha plants had been broken somehow. And as I looked further, this is what I saw:

Mr. Gopher was not shy at all about having us watch him. I was standing about a foot away when I took this picture. The kids brought lettuce out for him to eat, but he preffered the agapanthas. >:(

When we moved here, we had to have our hill treated for gophers (we can't have it come sliding down on us during a heavy rain, now can we?), but I guess this fellow got away. I considered calling the neighbor to come remove him for us. They have a running tally in their garage of how many gophers they've killed ( I think the wife is winning right now). But instead I called the exterminator day & asked if there was a way to get rid of him humanely. she said no. so sad... poor little gopher. :(

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