Monday, March 12, 2007

If You Smell Something Burning, it's Probably Because Something's Burning

Saturday, Chris and I went on a motorcycle ride to celebrate his upcoming birthday. As we were riding along, I thought I smelled burning rubber. Because the foot peg is dangerously close to the exhaust pipe, I figured I had accidentally put my foot on the pipe. So I moved my foot and didn't think much more about it. About ten minutes later, I smelled it again, so I told chris about it, and moved my foot again.

A while later, we came to a beautiful senic spot, so we pulled over to look at the view. I glanced down at the bike, and saw smoke billowing from the tailpipe behind me. We quickly jumped off the bike and discovered that our saddle bag (the one that was holding all of our extra things for the ride) had come loose, and was now smoldering on top of the pipe. When we removed the bag and started pulling things out, we saw that a pile of napkins had cought on fire. We got to it just in time to save our clothes and cell phone. The cell phone managed survive with only a few minor burn marks on the outside, but the horrible smell still lingers. While our water bottles didn't melt, the water *did* taste like burnt leather. And Chris can still wear his shirt if he doesn't mind the "i survived a fire" look. The saddle bag, however, will not be used again, as a huge hole was burned through the bottom. Hopefully, we'll be able to scraped the charred goop off of the pipe.

Chris says it's not funny, but I think it's a little bit funny. :)


"One of us" said...

Glad you made it off the bike without any burns to yourselves! It will get funnier as time goes on...


~just me~ said...

I know! I really think that if we had stays on there just a little bit longer, I would've had the fire on me!

As far as funny goes... i was laughing the whole time. poor chris. :)