Sunday, July 22, 2007


about a month ago, we ordered a new bunk bed for the girls, and we finally had time to put it together on friday! We put the girls to bed in the play room that night, so we could work on it while they slept. We finally went to bed at midnight, & finished up the project on Satruday morning. It's really cute -- the type w/built-in drawers & a desk. All the kids are excited about it, including evelyn. I like it too, even though it takes up a little too much space in the small room, & now i have to work on keeping Evy in her bed.

After the bed was made, we went to L.A. to watch a Dodgers game w/some church friends. We got there about 2 hours late, though. Just in time to grab some food, teach the kids a little about baseball, join in on The Wave, & watch the Dodgers win -- without all the boring stuff. :)

Afterward, we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, which used to be a favorite for me & chris (the closest one is in L.A., so we haven't gone since we had kids). Brought back fond memories. This one was in a mall. So after we ate, we walked around, & let the kids play in one of the play areas. When chloe was running around, she twisted her ankle --chris says it's sprained. *sigh*

so today, Chris is away at a track day, and we won't be going to church, since i can't carry Chloe *and* keep track of all the other kids. You should see chloe hopping around the house on one foot. pretty funny. Part of me wonders if it's really that bad, or if she just enjoys the idea of a special injury, so she's milking it....

this afternoon, we'll be having some friends visit. so...i'm off to clean the house. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

my hair...sort of

okay.... i know you're all anxiously awaiting photos of my new haircut, but i just haven't gotten any! But every time i have chloe pose for a photo for me, she asks to take a picture of *me*. so... i thought i'd at least let you see those. the first one is a bad picture of me, but you can at least see the length of my hair. the 2nd one is a better picture, but a bad one of my hair. new do: when i got it done, she cut off about six inches! it's an A--line bob, which means that it's shorter in the back & longer in the front. I like it, but i think i'll get it a little shorter next time. she did a big blonde chunk in the front, but i didn't like it, so a few days later, i went & she changed it to a deep red. but that's faded, & now it's a copper-y color.

so i just have to explain this picture. for one of my assignment, i was having chloe make "mean" faces, so when she took *my* picture, i had to do the same thing:

checking in

well, my photo class is coming to an end. Next week is the final exam, but I've turned in all of my assignments. It was crazy trying to get everything done, but I'm glad I did. Thanks to all who gave me ideas for the "fear with humor" assignment. Here's what I did:

Also, last week, I went to the CHEA (California Home Educators Association) convention. It was WONDERFUL!!! I heard some amazing speakers, a couple of my my favorites were Lou Priolo (who wrote the book I just read, "Teach Them Diligently") and Ted Baehr (who started the website, ). Also, while I was there, I picked out my new curriculum for next year. Maybe when I have time, I would love to say more about the convention. But right now, I have to leave to pick up the big kids who are at "SafetyTown" learning all about safety! :)
Next week, they start swim lessons. I'm glad they're finally learning to swim. Also, Heather & her family are coming to visit. I'm *so* looking forward to that. :) In August, my life should slow down just a bit, and then i'll be posting more regularly.
gotta run!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rules and Breaking Them

hi! have you missed me? Thought i'd pop in & share some of my latest photos with you.

My last assignment for my class was about the "rules of composition." We had to submit 4 that followed the rules, and 2 that successfully broke them. It was actully really hard for me to think of a good photo that would break the rules.

Here are the ones I submitted:

This one breaks the rule of contrast, but it follows the "rule of thirds." I hope she'll accept it. :)

This one breaks the rule of balance. --also, I guess it breaks the rule of simplicity, but I didn't think of that until now.

This one follows the rule of simplicity, and also maybe contrast (orange against blue), and maybe "leading lines"

This one folows the rule of "color", and also maybe shapes and curves.

This one follows the rule of "leading lines." --and I think it's a cute photo of chloe. :)

This one follows the rule of repetition. And also maybe curves.
My next assignment is "fear with humor." any suggestions?