Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New hair!

Chloe got her hair cut this morning!


i think it's darling... not so sure what chris will think!! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Quotes

Here are some fun quotes that i've heard/read recently... i plan to add them to my sidebar shortly.

"I'm CDO. That's like OCD, except the letters are in alphabetical order, like they're supposed to be."

"Setting a good example for children takes all the fun out of life." - William Feather

"What good can come from a day that starts with getting up?"

"Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A busy week

Gideon is SIX years old today!!! no time to post fun pictures of him, b/c i'm running around, trying to pack for our trip to Legoland!

When we get back on Saturday, it will be our 11th anniversary... we'll leave the kids w/some friends & go out alone to stay in a hotel for the night.

Looking forward to having lots of fun!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

and another

another quote for today, from Gideon:

"You're the best mom I ever had!!"

I was especially glad to hear that, because I was really concerned with how I was measuring up to all his other moms. ;~)

Quote of the day

Today's quote is from sweet Evy:

"Don't shoot me while i'm praying!!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wedding

Last summer, Chloe fell in love with Heather's son, when they were visiting us. Chloe & Josh decided to get married & even began planning their wedding. Heather & i figured it would wear off, & they'd forget all about it by the following summer. Well... this summer, when Josh came to visit, they were even closer than before! The other day chloe drew this picuture:

This is her & Josh at their wedding. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Airline Fees

Here's a funny video that Ruth showed us over the weekend... so perfect after flying all weekend. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

An interesting trip

So as I mentioned in my previous post, i went to Dallas last weekend to have a reunion with all my high school girlfriends. A few of them, i haven't seen since high school. We had *soooo* much fun!! it was so refreshing to hang out an just be girls. not mothers or wives or homemakers... just girls. :) we ate lots of chocolate, talked about our kids, our marriages, our hairy legs, and everything else we could think of. We laughed & cried & talked & talked & talked. And then we ate some more chocolate. We went to bed after 4am every night. Over the three nights that I was gone, I think i slept about 9 hours. Today, i was exhausted--and hoarse - yet my spirit is refreshed. :) I can't tell you what a treasure it is to have girlfriends. :)

My flight into Dallas was a nightmare. I left my house at 10am & didn't arrive in Dallas until 5am, due to a couple 3-4 hour delays, and 2 missed flights... *sigh*

however, my 1st flight out of santa barbara was a fun experience - even if we *did* take 3 hours to get off the ground. When i first sat down on the plane, i had a pilot sit next to me... but the flight attendant kicked him off, because we were over our weight limit. a few minutes later, two new people get on the plane. i don't know what happened to the weight limit, but i guess it didn't matter anymore.

those of you who know me well, know that i love to people watch & think it's fun to try to figure out the story behind the person. So my new seat-mate was very intriguing to me. He was an older guy, but very stylish - cool hair & clothes... looked a lot like this guy:
so I asked him if he was from santa barbara, & he said yes. (that explains it, a little. Santa barbara people tend to be pretty stylish :) ) He was going to Tucson to do a show. So i asked what kind of show he was doing. With a bit of hesitation in his voice, he told me that he was a singer. (ah! this explains it even more! he's a singer, so he has a "look.") so we talked some more, about i don't know what, & it occurred to me that maybe he was a famous singer, & here i am sitting next to some big famous guy & didn't even know it... so of course, i had to ask.

"So. you're a singer. Are you famous? Should I know you?"

Again, he hesitated a bit, & said, "yes."

HA! too funny! "well, who are you?"

"More importantly, who are you?"

(Who cares who *I* am? i'm not famous! ) I reached my hand out to shake his, & said, "hello. I'm Karina."

and he says, "Hello, Karina. I'm Kenny..." (that is *not* what kenny rogers looks like, is it??) "...Loggins." ooooooh! he *is* famous!

So i had a lovely 4 hour plane ride, talking to kenny loggins. & i've got to say, he was the most enjoyable seat-mate i've ever met (aside from my wonderful husband, of course ;) ) we talked about politics, marriage, kids, and our ridiculous flight, among other things.

I had lots of fun being silly with my girlfriends about it. saying all of those things a fan would say:
"I shook hands with Kenny Loggins!"

"I practically kissed Kenny Loggins!" (actually, he just shared some water with me, because it was crazy hot on the plane, --but hey! his mouth touched the bottle. my mouth touched the bottle. We practically kissed! ;~) )

"I shared a brownie with Kenny Loggins!"

"Kenny Loggins insulted me by thinking I was 33!"

"Kenny Loggins slept on my shoulder!" (actually, he was leaning on his hand, & just kinda fell over & bumped into me)

"Kenny Loggins thinks I'm funny!" (he laughed at a joke i made)

"Kenny Loggins made fun of my watch!" (I happen to think my watch is very stylish, thank you very much.)

"I told Kenny Loggins to shut up!"

Anyway... fun and silly. :) As we were leaving, he said, "not to put you on the spot or anything, but what songs of mine do you know?" well, those of you who know me, know that as much as I love music, i'm clueless about who actually sings the songs that I love. - and I told him so. But i told him i'm sure i would know them if he told me, so i asked him what some of his more popular songs were: "footloose"

"you sang THAT!?"

"yah. and the sound track to Top Gun"

"really!? that was you? i didn't know that!"

Looking back, I should've said, "that sounds kind of familiar. how does it go?" just so I could say, "Kenny Loggins sang to me!" :D

Heather later informed me that he also sang, "your mama don't dance", the "Caddy Shack" soundtrack, "house at pooh corner", and one of my all time favorite love songs: "for the first time"

And the best son award goes to...

Last weekend, I went to Texas to have a reunion with some my high school girlfriends. It was a blast, but i'll tell you all about it later.

Today, I asked Gideon what best part of his weekend was.

His answer:
"Nothing, because you weren't here."

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An Honor

See my photos featured in the PENTAX Photogallery Pentax (the camera brand that I use) has a website where they display photos that people have taken with their cameras. Last year I thought it would be fun to add my photos to their site. After looking at some of the photos that they had displayed, I was sure that they would accept some of mine as well. But apparently, they have a different standard for judging photos than I do. They rejected every single one of my photos!! After that, I took them a little more seriously, & only submitted my very best photos. And now, I'm excited to say that they've accepted four of my photos for their gallery. I feel honored. :) You can click on the above icon to see their site. or click here to see *my* page. (I'm Emelia Isaac) :)