Friday, March 23, 2007

What am I doing Wrong?

Okay...I made cookies for Chris yesterday, in honor of our anniversary. But they came out all flat. Before I met Chris, I just threw all the ingredients together and my cookies were always perfect. Now, they're always flat. Someone mentioned that the butter needs to be softened, so i tried that. Then Chris said I make my butter too soft. Then someone else suggested to me that I refrigerate them before cooking. So I made my dough on Wed., and softened the butter just so, & cooked them on Thrs., and they were nice & puffy when I got them out of the oven. And by the time they were cool, they were all flat.

Maybe it's this recipe. Chris likes the Toll House cookies. When I made my perfect cookies before, I used a different recipe. But they turn out fine when Chris makes them. It's become a thing w/us, now, that if we want good cookies made, Chris has to make them. --he even says things like, "well, since I make better cookies, I should do it." It's kind of embarrassing. --especially because we fell in love over *my* cookies. :(


Anonymous said...

Is your baking soda old? That can make a difference... ???

I enjoyed checking out your blog, karina! Fun to see all your pics; you're a fantastic photographer!

April Hoffmann

~just me~ said...

thank you, April. I'm glad you came to visit. :)

You might have a point about that baking soda. I'll have to look into that. Thanks!

"One of us" said...

What perfect timing Karina! As Ross Perot used to say, "I've got charts!" This is very relevant to our recent science experiment -- we made 9 recipes over a few weeks and found out all about cookies. I just asked Adam, because this was his experiment and he said, "she used too much baking soda or not enough eggs" -- So, perhaps you're measuring out too much baking soda...cut back even if you're not and see (less baking soda won't affect taste much). Another thing they learned was that the molasses in the brown sugar is an acid and reacts with the baking soda helping those cookies to rise. If you are not packing down your brown sugar enough you won't be using as much as you need to and perhaps they won't rise as much.

And that's the science lesson of the day :)

Science Experiment: Baking Soda and Eggs -- It Does a Cookie Good!

"One of us" said...

One more thing is that you don't want to wait too long between when you mix the ingredients to when you get them in the oven...apparently that reaction stuff is happening and the bubbles that are created for fluff will fizzle out over time.

AND, one more possibility is that you're over-mixing...just stir until combined but not more than that.

So, don't give up, try these things and let us know if Adam and Trevor's experiment made a difference in this world :) How cool would that be?

Krista, who didn't know any of this before they started.