Friday, March 23, 2007


I found this great site awhile back, & shared it w/some of you, but now it's up & running again. They've got live cameras all over the world, showing different animals, etc. Right now, I've got 5 up, at a time. If you look on the left-hand side, where it says "cameras," you can click on the different places. I think the best ones are Elephant , Leopard, Tau, Bald Eagle, and Osprey. they take a picture every time there's movement, I think. Elephant & Leopard have all sorts of animals come visit. It's so fun! Today, on the elephant page, we've seen zebras, giraffes, and some other weird things. And the last time we looked, the bald eagle had 2 eggs. Today, there were two chicks!!!

When you watch these cameras, you can click on a button & submit a picture to the highlights page. Every time someone highlights a picture, they show it on the cam tracker.

The one that says Nkorho Stream takes you to a live video in Africa. It's hard to see things there, because it's usually night during our day. If you hit the timing just right, you can see all sorts of things. Plus, it has sound, so you can hear the different animals, etc. Once it rained, so every time i walked into my room I was hearing storms in Africa. Very fun. :)

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