Tuesday, June 17, 2008

new blog

okay... i think Glenna mentioned this blog on her site, but i just have to mention it here, because i've been laughing SO HARD! go check out: Stuff Christians Like. Too funny! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

my apologies...

my nice little blogging site hasn't been emailing when people post comments... so it only just now occured to me that i should just check my blog & see. So.... i've gone through the front page & commented on some of your comments - you might want to go back & look. :)


i cut my hair on friday. ... SHORT! Then i decided it wasn't dark enough, so i colored it BLACK! EEK!

i like it okay... i'll be happier when it grows an inch or two... and i think i'll try to lighten the color & give it a bit of a red-ish tint as soon as possible.
if you scroll down a couple entries (to shasta's pics) you can kinda see what my hair looked like before.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And her name is......


... at least that was the descision this morning. I wouldn't let Chris leave for work, until the poor dog had a name. But neither of us just love it. Problem is, that we both have extreme different taste in doggy names. When you have to compromise, no one is just going to love it. oh well.

If anyone would like to suggest any more names, we're open... :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Here she is!

Well, since Glenna is in *such* a hurry to see pictures... here they are! :)

Poor thing still doesn't have a name :( I'd really like to name her Kitty, but Chris isn't going for it. So I call her Petunia until we can agree on something.
I made a list of names i'd like. They are: Bernice, Penelope, Franny, Tinkerbell, Mimi, Miffy , Mitzy, Muffy, Cinderella, Priscilla, May-belle, Harriet, Gingersnap, Gretel, Fifi-trixie-belle, Trixie, Phoebe, Ladybug, Lola, Pixie Stick, Snickers, Taffy, Fifi, Dottie, Ophelia, Gypsy, Bluebonnet, and Cinnamon
We have our firts vet. appt. this afternoon at 4:15. Hopefully she'll check out fine. We're a little concerned, b/c she seems to limp when she walks. If she has any problems, we'll have to return her.

A special weekend

Friday night, Chris took the kids camping with a bunch of guys from church. On Saturday morning, I left to go meet up with them & camp the next night. After a fun afternoon of swimming & play, we went into town to have pizza w/Chris' brothers. While we waited for the pizza to finish cooking, I asked Chris if we could peek into a pet shop which was right next to the pizza place, thinking maybe if he saw how cute the kittens were, he might let me have one. Along the way, I did my best to talk chris into getting this adorable cocker spaniel:

But he really liked the more manly bull-dog, which cost...
about $2,000!!! (if i remember correctly)

We spent lots of time holding all the puppies & playing with the kitties. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday morning, we came home with....


So fun!!! she's just precious & the kids ADORE her!!! i'll be taking & posting pictures soon. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Crazy Kids

Thought you might enjoy the latest photo of my kids. :)