Thursday, May 31, 2007


A few weeks ago, Chris found a great deal on a couple of Zuma scooters, & he just couldn't pass them up. I wasn't too fond of the idea, but they've really grown on me --although, I have to say, I feel a bit like Toby McGuire in his latest Spiderman movie. --which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Our friend, Kristina, told us of a dirt biking spot up in the mountains, so we went up there to see what fun we could have. It was such fun! We took the kids with us, and they had a BLAST! I put all of the photos on my flickr page, but some of my favorites are here. The best thing about the pictures is the kids' faces, so be sure to look closely. Also, be sure to notice my stylish pink helmet, which I'm especially fond of (Kristina about died when she *had* to wear it for a few minutes to go on the street). You may notice that I was the only dork who wore mine the whole time. But after my motorcycle accident, (way back when) I'll take all the protection I can get!

Right before my first ride.
Chloe & Gideon

Gideon, especially had a great time riding. He chatted the WHOLE time!

Cramming them on...

Century plant. These plants only bloom once in their lifetime (after 10 years) and then they die. There are more pics of this on flickr.

Evy searches for a cookie.

Evy tries on a helmet.

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