Thursday, May 17, 2007


Chris called me up yesterday afternoon, around 4:30 and said, "i don't have time to talk. I signed us up to take a 'freedom in christ' class at church on wednesdays from 7-8:30. That's tonight, so see if you can find us a sitter. bye." So i went into a tizzy to find us a sitter. unfortunately, our usual sitter was busy, and all the church girls had churchy things going on, so they couldn't do it either. Luckily, our friend, Kristina (who the kids call Aunty Tina) was able to come at the last minute. we're taking a class at church. I'm very excited, because i wanted to take it, but it's going to be going on at the same time as my photography class, and i'm concerned that it's going to be a bit much..... oh well!

We'll be going through Neil Anderson's book, Victory over the Darkness. We'll be reading 1-2 chapters/week and doing the study guide that goes with it. Then we'll meet with a "coach" once a week, and attend the class on wednesdays. Because we joined 2 weeks late, we're already behind. i'll need to read the 1st four chapters by next Wednesday... ak!

anyway...i really enjoyed the class last night and got a lot out of it. so, this should be fun. :)

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