Tuesday, May 08, 2007

body parts

awhile back, chloe asked me why boys and girls had different "wee-wees". I gave her some very basic answer about making babies, and she was satisfied with that. Out of curiosity, i asked some other mothers what they would have said. The answer i liked the best was, "so you can tell them apart." of course! how simple is that? Well, Chloe asked me again, a couple days ago, "mom, why do girls' wee-wees look different from boys'?" This time i used the simple answer: "So you can tell them apart." And chloe said, "but we always keep them covered so no one can see them." Sheesh. I guess it wasn't such a simple answer after all. So, I went back to my first answer, and told her that boys use their wee-wees to put something into the girls' so that she can make a baby. Chloe liked this answer better, and added, "but they don't get stuck together" (Remembering the butterflies, and how they took hours to mate) :)

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