Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chloe's update

We took Chloe to see the pediatric endocrinologist for her three month check-up today. He's pleased with the effects of the Lupron, and says that it has stopped the puberty. However, it hasn't stopped her growth. (She grew an inch since her last check up.) So he wants to keep his eye on her, and maybe we'll need to do something about that, too.

He wants to test her blood again in 3 months, before we see him again. Blood tests have been quite an ordeal with Chloe. She can tolerate her shots, but she screams and flails when she has to get her blood drawn. Our local blood lab doesn't have the patience for her, and last time, told us to get a prescription for a topical medication for Chloe. This medication numbs the skin so that she can't feel the needle. When we asked Dr. Lifshitz (click the link & scroll down to read about him) about it, he gave us a prescription, but didn't think it would be all that effective. He said it's the idea of the shot that scares children, not the shot itself. He also told us to go to the local hospital instead of the lab. Anyway, to make a long story short, the hospital was amazing! They doted on Chloe & gave her a teddy bear to take home. And the ointment worked wonders! Chloe didn't feel a thing. I don't know why all pediatricians don't have this on-hand for shot time. I'm just glad we have a tube of it. I expect Gideon's kindergarten shots to go much more smoothly than Chloe's did. :)

Also, the last time Chloe's blood was tested, her hormone levels were too high, so Dr. L. upped her dosage. Today I told him that she gets acne shortly before she's due for her next shot. He says that's probably because the medication is wearing off, and we may have to give her shots more frequently. someone who read my blog recommended a shot that was yearly, instead of monthly. I asked the doctor about that, & he didn't think it would work as well.

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