Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Great Book

I read another great book when I was in Yosemite last month. It's called Don't Make Me Count to Three! by Ginger Plowman. My friend, Jamie recommended it to me, and to be honest, the title didn't thrill me. BUT... it was a GREAT book!

You may know, from reading my "best books" lists that one of my favorite parenting books is "Shepherding a Child's Heart." I had also begun to read "Teach Them Diligently" by Lou Priolo, which is all about using scripture to teach your children. Well, Ginger Plowman's book basically summarized those two books plus another one, in *her* book. Her writing is very simple and easy to understand, plus, it give tons of practical advice.

So...if you'd like a great parenting book, may I suggest, Don't Make Me Count to Three (A Mom's look at hert-oriented discipline)? :)

I will, of course, be adding this to my books-list-link on the side of this page.

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