Friday, May 04, 2007

That explains it!

Chloe is learning letter combinations in one of her reading workbooks. Her latest lesson is with "nd" as in, "wind". For her most recent lesson, they showed three pictures. The first was a picture of someone holding a blue ribbon (the word would be "win"), the second was of wind, and the third was of a window. Then they showed the written word, "wind" and asked her to circle the corresponding picture. Chloe circled the picture for "win." I asked her to read the word to me, and she read it correctly, so i showed her how she should have circled the picture of wind. On the next page, they showed the picture for win, and they asked her to circle the word. This time she circled the word, "wind." I was a little frustrated that she made a mistake with the same word right after I explained it, but I began to explain it again. I pointed to the picture and said, "Chloe, what is this a picture of?" and she said "Someone who winned (wind) something."

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