Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back from the Summer abyss

well, my life is somewhat settling down. Heather left yesterday BOO-HOO!! We had a blast together. And last week was the final week of my photography class. I really learned a lot!

I'll try posting my portfolio tomorrow, but today, you can see my photos for the "Alphabet assignment." We were to take the 3rd letter of our last name ("N"), and think of 3 words to photograph that started with that letter. I'm only going to show you 2, because I did "naked" for the 3rd. It was completely innocent, but wouldn't be appropriate to share in a setting like this. anyway.. here are the others:

This is one of my favorites from the entire class. Incidentally, I think Chloe looks *JUST* like I did at that age, in this picture.



something funny, the teacher thought my letter was "B", and that my photos were "bad, banana, and butt" :)


Tonya said...


Cute pictures, as always. Thought you would enjoy this blog next week. They are doing a "back to homeschool week".

How was the homeschool convention?


~just me~ said...

thanks, Tonya. :) that site looks really interesting.

the convention was WONDERFUL!! i ordered tons of cd's & found my new curriculum. Now that i'm out of summer mode, i've started going through my curriculum, & i'm getting a bit stressed. chris is out of town w/the big kids today, so i plan to spend the day getting ready for school AK!

I always thought i'd be one of of those year-round kinda people, but I've LOVED my summer vacation. :)

gotta run!