Thursday, August 16, 2007

Darth Vadar Meets Buddy Holly

okay... i just heard a song by Weird Al that had me laughing all the way home from swim lessons. If you like the song, "Miss American Pie," or Star Wars, you should hear this. You can listen to it on this youtube video. or you can read the lyrics here, but here's the chorus:

My my this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later
Now he's just a small fry
He left his home
And kissed his mommy goodbye
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"
"Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi"


Dog snob said...

Heehee, I love that song!! I heard it years ago and now anytime I hear the Miss American Pie song I start singing the Star Wars version :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari!
I am not commenting on the song because I have bot heard it but the quote that you have up by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is one of my favorites. Every once and a while I write it on my chalk board and it's up there right now. I just thought it was funny that we both had it up. (:

Also I love your new hair cut! It's making me think that maybe it's time to chop mine off and do something fun with it! Yikes! Do you have any pictures that show the back?

~just me~ said...

hey dawn. :) yah, that is funny...

no. i really don't have any good pics of my hair. i'm going to get it cut again next tues -- it's always been longer than i prefered. maybe after that, i can get Mom to take a pic. or something. :) re: you...i say go for it! i've always liked you w/your cute shor hair. :)