Sunday, July 22, 2007


about a month ago, we ordered a new bunk bed for the girls, and we finally had time to put it together on friday! We put the girls to bed in the play room that night, so we could work on it while they slept. We finally went to bed at midnight, & finished up the project on Satruday morning. It's really cute -- the type w/built-in drawers & a desk. All the kids are excited about it, including evelyn. I like it too, even though it takes up a little too much space in the small room, & now i have to work on keeping Evy in her bed.

After the bed was made, we went to L.A. to watch a Dodgers game w/some church friends. We got there about 2 hours late, though. Just in time to grab some food, teach the kids a little about baseball, join in on The Wave, & watch the Dodgers win -- without all the boring stuff. :)

Afterward, we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, which used to be a favorite for me & chris (the closest one is in L.A., so we haven't gone since we had kids). Brought back fond memories. This one was in a mall. So after we ate, we walked around, & let the kids play in one of the play areas. When chloe was running around, she twisted her ankle --chris says it's sprained. *sigh*

so today, Chris is away at a track day, and we won't be going to church, since i can't carry Chloe *and* keep track of all the other kids. You should see chloe hopping around the house on one foot. pretty funny. Part of me wonders if it's really that bad, or if she just enjoys the idea of a special injury, so she's milking it....

this afternoon, we'll be having some friends visit. so...i'm off to clean the house. :)

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