Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A visit to the Dentist

Monday, I took the kids to the dentist. I love my dentist. He's *so* gentle and soft-spoken with them. And they love him. Chloe cried on Monday, because I had to postpone her appointment. Even though she got a treat along with the others, she was heartbroken that she didn't get her check up. :)

So apparently, they have a rating system for how well the kids' teeth are brushed. The dentist said that Gideon brushes his better than most parents. Yay, Gideon.

We'll be going back to visit in about a week, because Gideon's going to need a palette expander. Apparently, the roof of his mouth is too narrow. As his body continues to grow, this could cause problems with is breathing, not to mention giving him a serious underbite. Gideon is very excited about getting a "brace thing". :)

Zachary will also be having a procedure done. When we noticed that he was tongue-tied as a baby, we asked our pediatrician about it, & he said that nothing needed to be done. the frenulum (the piece of skin that holds the tongue down) would just stretch as he grew. However, Dentist says that a person should be able to stick their tongue over their teeth a *minimum* of one centimeter in order to have proper speech. Zachy can't even do that. Also, he said that it's pulling the gums away from his teeth. So... we'll be "untying" zachy's tongue next thursday. eek!

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