Thursday, August 30, 2007

Florida, Day One

Okay...I'm working on editing all of the photos we took, & I'll post them by day.

We didn't want to take the big fancy camera & lug it around, so we bought a smaller point & shoot camera. I've gotten so spoiled by my nice one that my new one w/the time-delay, drove me nuts, & i missed some great pictures because of it. BUT, Since we were planning to do a lot of water activities, i was very excited to buy a waterproof camera. We weren't able to use it w/the dolphins, but we *did* take it w/us on our other water activities. it was a blast!

If anyone is curious, it's a Pentax W30. From what the people at the camera store told me, there are only 2 point & shoots that are waterproof (and this is the least expensive). If you don't buy one of them, you can get a waterproof case for your Nikon or cannon. But the case, itself costs like $300, which is more money than my Pentax was. So, it's a great little camera, aside from the time delay, & fairly grainy pictures. But it was okay for what i needed.

on to our first day...

we flew out early in the morning on Aug 23rd (our anniversary). We woke up around 4am to depart by 6:30 or 7. We had a long layover in Dallas, and arrived in Orlando, Florida around 7:15PM.

this is a picture of the sunrise in a cloudy sky, from the plane. it was way more stunning in real life, with mountains peaking through the clouds. But i couldn't capture that w/the camera.

This is Florida from the sky. Chris & i thought it was so interesting how much water covers Florida. It's everywhere! And they just build their houses around it. I tried to capture it in this photo.

When we arrived, we took a shuttle to the Hertz place, where we picked up our red '07 Corvette, that we would be spending the weekend with. :)

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott, which was VERY fancy! (Chris gets hotel $$ with Marriott through a business credit card) When we got to our room, it was sprinkled with rose petals, and there were chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us (at my request, as a surprise for Chris).

oops. I accidentally deleted the best picture, but i can't add it back... oh well. you get the idea. It was very fun & very romantic. :)


Heather said...

ooooohhhhh!!!! that sounds wonderfully indulgent! well worth the 10 year wait, huh? :)

~just me~ said...

yes, it was worth it. :) Chris & i were talking about how fun it would be to bring the kids out there. When I told mom, she said, "Almost enough reason to stay married another 10 years." ;)