Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strung Out

You may recall that in my discussion about coconut oil, i was going to try using it on my face for acne. My plan was to give it a month's trial, to see how it worked through my hormone cycles. When I first started using it, it worked great! My face cleared up rather nicely. But a few weeks into it (right before I started my period), I broke out way worse than I used to. So I stopped using the cocounut oil, & finally decided to see a dermatologist.

When I saw the doctor last Wed., he asked how I would feel about taking an antibiotic. From my experience, antibiotics are pretty mild, & since i *never* take them, i didn't have a problem w/using them now. So the dr. prescribed "minocycline" for me to take 3X/day, and sulfer, for me to apply to my face.

After i read the pamphlet for the minocycline, i freaked out about all the potential side effects, the most common of which were dizziness, drowsiness, and headache. In the precautions section, they mentioned that you might not want to drive vehicles or operate heavy machinery while on this medication. WHAT? I thought this was a simple antibiotic!

well, i decided to try it for the weekend, & if i didn't like it, i'd call the doctor on Monday. Monday didn't come fast enough. All weekend, i was walking in a fog. I've been completely dizzy, and could barely stay awake. Very weird. By the time Monday ended, i had a dull headache that had been with me for a couple days.

The doctor says it's probably just an overdosage (!) and told me to cut back to one/day. So today, my haze has mostly subsided, and there's only a shadow of what used to be my headache. I keep thinking it'll all be worth it, if my acne goes away. But so far, it's worse than ever. (what's up with that? I'm THIRTY and have worse acne than i did as a teen??)

anyway... any desires i might have had to become a druggie have vanished with this drug.

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Dog snob said...

Yep, i'm right there with you.