Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Hair

I got my hair cut again, last week. This is the picture I took to the stylist.

I asked Mom to take some pictures of me, so I could share them with you. She did a great job & got some cute pics of the kids, too.

Thanks mom. :)


Mom was very pleased with her sneaky self for getting a picture of me scolding one of the kids.


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I just got my hair cut and colored, too! And the stylist showed me a picture almost exactly like the one you had, and she wanted to cut my hair like that! I wouldn't let her, though, 'cause I was afriad of going that short. :) I'm such a coward. I gotta send you a pic of my hair, though, 'cause our colors are almost exactly alike!!!! I'm totally freaked out and cracking up that even hundreds of miles apart, we are still getting our hair done the same way. :) And we didn't even TALK about it!
Your mom took some fun pictures - my favorites are Evelyn and Zachary hugging, and the one of you scolding the other. :)

~just me~ said...

how FUN! I want pictures!!!

Dog snob said...

Your hair is such a fun style and color. It fits your fun personalitiy too. Great pics, and i'm with Heather, I like the one of you scolding one of the kids (Zackary I think), it's a cute pic.

Dog snob said...

Oh, and I love the black and white pic. I think that's my favorite :)

~just me~ said...

:) I was actually scolding Chloe for jumping in front of the camera right as my mom was taking the picure (which she's been scolded for before). :)