Friday, August 03, 2007

iViva la Fiesta!

This week, our city celebrates "Old Spanish Days". It's one of the most exciting times of the year, here (after Summer Solstice). It started on Wednesday, but today is the BIG day. At noon, the main street will close down, and there will be a big parade. Many businesses close, to go join in on the celebrations. There's lots of food, concerts, and flamenco dancing. As you walk around town, you'll see little Mexican ladies sitting on sidewalk selling confetti eggs. This is the best part of Fiesta, in my opinion.

Chris doesn't like the crowds, so we usually don't venture out during fiesta weekend. Except for the short amount of time where we'll drive downtown, and jump out of the car just to buy some eggs, so we can crack them over each other's heads and yell, "Viva la Fiesta!" Then we go home, happy that we celebrated Fiesta another year. :)

today, Chris has gone motorcycle riding w/the big kids. I'm actually considering going to the Fiesta parade w/the little ones.... but if i do, i know I'll be sitting in traffic for hours to get back home... I think, instead, I'm going to to go Office Depot to buy school supplies for the upcoming school year. *sigh* I'm so boring.

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