Monday, August 13, 2007

Nerds and Weirdos

When we bought our new car, it came with a free XM subscription for 3 mos. One of my favorite stations on there is XM Kids. They've got some great kids music!

One song that i liked was "Nerds and Weirdos" by Mr. Nicky.

"Without nerds and weirdos we could never get along, 'cause the nerds made our computers and the weirdos wrote our songs." :)

Another one i love is by Mr. David: "Crocodiles are hungry" Sounds kinda like a Bob Dylan for kids. My favorite part (Heather & Glenna, think you would like this):

Monkeys at the Zoo are bored.
I think you should open the door.
Let 'em out!

Crocodiles are hungry.
Crocodiles eat little boys.
Just kidding.

Sometimes I think my dog's a crocodile.
you should see the way she chews up my shoes
til they're gone

I know my dog's a crocodile.
You should see my wardrobe.
It's gone.
Got no more clothes, man.
This is my last shirt.


I tried to post the actual song, but it wouldn't let me. But if you click on the link, you can listen to it. :)


Dog snob said...

That's funny!! I think i'd like the Nerds and Wierdos song too. Hey, I wonder if that Mr. David is the same Mr.David from back in our day care days?

~just me~ said...


not the same guy. if you go to the link for this mr. david, you can go look at his blog & read more about him. he lives in Northern Ca...