Friday, August 31, 2007

Florida, Day Two

Friday morning, we woke up to this BEAUTIFUL view out our window:

Our hotel package included free breakfast at their restaraunt. We took advantage of it our first morning, & had it brought up to our room. :)
Room Service.

After enjoying breakfast & our view, we decided to explore the grounds. As you could see in the first pictures, the hotel had very lush landscaping. It felt a lot like Hawaii. Between the hotel and the lake, there's a big "lazy river" that you can float around in, so Chris & i decided to take advantage of that.

This is a picture of a waterfall that flowed into the "river"

looking up at this cool palm tree, as we floated by.

Chris in the waterfall. --they sold these tiny little inner tubes for $5, by the pool. A littl small for us, but they did the trick.


As the "river" winds around, every so often, you'll come to a pool. I just liked the look of this chair sitting on the "beach." :)

Looking up at our hotel.

After we went swimming we got a drink a the outdoor bar. It felt very exotic --just like the movies. :) To one side, there was a giant chess/checkers board, so chris & I took our drink over there & played checkers.

King Me.

Chris poses with the King.

And they lived happily ever after.
Another fun thing about our hotel package was the $25/day towards the use of their spa. So after our game, went to the spa & got a couple's massage. So fun!

That evening, we tried to see the Blule Man group, which was performing at Universal Studios, but there were no good seats left. So we decided to go out to a murder mystery dinner theater. So fun! On the way, we passed this building. thought it was cool, so i took a picture from the car as we drove by.

can you tell what's wrong with this picture?
There was a "Ripley's Believe it or Not" building that was similar. :)


Dog snob said...

Oh my goodness!! That sounds like such a fun day!! I might just have to have you guys plan our next vacation ;)

~just me~ said...

yah, except it was all very spontaneous...which is why we couldn't get into the blueman group. The only thing we had planned was the dolphin swim. We figured we'd hang out at the hotel on the first day, do discovery cove the second day, & leave the 3rd day open for whatever. that was the extent of our planning. :)

Gwendolyn said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I'll try hard not to be too jealous. :)