Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Television

Well, now that House, 24, CSI, and Lost have all finished, it's time for our much anticipated summer shows! "So You Think You Can Dance" just started this week. Then next week, we're looking forward to "American Inventor," and "America's Got Talent." So fun!


Laura said...

Fun, funny girl! Love your blog! Was that retreat not incredibly life-changing? All I can say is WOW! Now I know where to find you. All you need are some knitting posts...(hehe!) See you Tuesday. L.

~just me~ said...

so fun to hear from you, Laura. :)

More Than Conquerors...(Romans 8:28) said...

Hey Karina! I hope you're having a great summer...I have been incredibly busy and have just now caught up on your blog...LOVE the Flickr challenge group and joined. We miss 24 and Lost too, and look forward to their return! Wasn't that an incredible finale to LOST? Wow! I'm glad to know someone else that watches it - most of my friends don't have t.v. - we don't either, but watch it off the website (same with 24). I'm going to give you a call since I haven't seen you in so long and these comment boxes are only so big :)