Monday, June 04, 2007

Chloe's Top 20

The kids are eating lunch, and Zachary just spilled his milk. Chloe and Gideon were discussing how beautiful the milk was when it splashed on the ground. ("It looks like crowns!") Chloe said that it was number ten of the most beautiful. --Made me wonder what else is on her list. Here is what she told me.

Chloe's 20 Most Beautiful things:

1. Rainbows
2. Shining stars
3. Family
4. Bracelets and necklaces
5. Colors
6. soft music, like lullabies
7. sparkley purses
8. sunsets
9. roses
10. splashes in spilled milk
11. waterfalls
12. beautiful ribbon
13. the world
14. beautiful plates
15. pretty costumes
16. beautiful pictures
17. shining metal
18. colored lights
19. strawberry crabs
20. evy's pajamas