Monday, June 11, 2007

Photo Challenge: Red

I mentioned awhile ago, that I'm part of a group that does photo challenges a couple time a week. Thursday's challenge was RED. Here are the pictures that I took:

These are the two that I submitted to the contest. Voting starts today, & closes on Thursday, when they give a new challenge.

If you'd like to see the photos that other people submitted, you can go here.


Glenna said...

I love the one with 3 of the kids in the blanket. They look like they are having fun helping you out :)

~just me~ said...

thanks. :) yes, they always have a blast. --except Gideon who takes pleasure in making ugly faces, or some other strange thing that will frustrate me & ruin my picture. :)

Glenna said...

Well, he's a boy, and that's what boys do :) Mine still has to be bribed and told that if he gives me a cute pic, i'll let him take a crazy one.

More Than Conquerors...(Romans 8:28) said...

Love the photos - you have a great eye! Very artistic :)

Terri Lynn said...

Love the pix! You have a good eye........ I especially liked the one of the Bible.. COOL :>)

Terri Lynn