Thursday, June 21, 2007

good-bye, long hair

Ever since Zachary was born, three years ago, i've been growing my hair out. I had decided that I would grow it until my 30th birthday. well, that day came and went, but I was enjoying my long hair, so i decided not to cut it after all. But the last month, or so, I've been HATING it. And today, I get to go chop it all off! i can't wait!! these are the best pictures that i could find of my long hair... 'll see if i can take a decent one after it's all cut!


Glenna said...

You're one of those that look great with long or short hair. I can't wait to see it and have fun!!

~just me~ said...

thanks, glenna. :) i had forgotten how much better my hair looked short. I love it!!!