Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mighty Warrior!

Last weekend i went to a ladies' retreat w/my church. It was so great because the speaker spoke on some of the same things that we're learning in our "Victory Over the Darkness" class. The whole weekend was on "the keys of the kingdom" which dealt a lot w/spiritual warfare, and I was completely inspired. I've always had a passion for spiritual warfare, & the impact of prayer...but I'm not all that much of a pray-er. :( At the end of the end of the meeting on Sat. night, i went & asked someone to pray for me, & "commission" me to be a mighty warrior!

anyway... our speaker was Toni Kline, and she was phenomenal. Here are some things that I wrote down as she spoke:

*A physical trainer always pushes you further than you think you can go. But the next time you work out, you're stronger because of it. God does the same thing. If you feel you can't go any more, trust God. He's taking you further to make you stronger.

*You are in a war whether you fight or not. If you don't fight, you'll just get beat up.

*Complacency is the enemy of Growth

*One of the greatest lies that Satan tells us is that it's harder to live with Jesus.

*Our circumstances don't represent the truth.

*There are many pleasures in the kingdom, but if I'm always going for the lesser pleasures, I'll never know the fullness of joy in his Kingdom.

*Satan is more fearful of our prayers than anything else we do.

*The greatest spiritual weapon we have is LOVE.

*What difference could you be making with your prayers?

*Belt of truth: Know who God is. Brag on His greatness! Stop bragging on the enemy! (i.e. "I can't do it." "I'm just so unhappy" "it will never get better" --you're proclaiming Satan's lies, & proclaiming his greatness)

*Breastplate of righteousness: Who we are - comes from Jesus. He empowers us

*Shoes of peace - with God and Men. If we have bitterness, we will not be able to fight effectively.

*Shield of faith- for action and conquest

*Prayer is not part of the armor - it is the battle itself.

*Don't be too concerned with being comfortable

I had wanted to write the things I've been reading in my book, too, but alas, life is calling, and I must conquer it. Seize the day, and all that. :)

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