Monday, June 18, 2007

overwhelmed is the very first day of my new photography class! YAY! And while i'm so excited to be learning great things, i'm completely overwhelmed!!! because this is a summer course, she's cramming 15 weeks worth of stuff into 6 weeks. EEK! so i'm just a little stressed, esp. because the textbook that i ordered from about 3 weeks ago STILL hasn't arrived --and i have to read about 4 chapters this week. AK!

so... while i'm stressing w/my class, i'm not sure if i'll be able to keep up w/my 1 post/day on the blog. I know you're all addicted, & just LOVE hearing from me every day, but i promise to pick it back up when i'm done w/the class. & who knows, maybe i'll be able to pop in more of than i think, & tell you a little something that i'm learning. But if not, and you find yourself wishing you had something to read, may I recommend The Shack? ; )

okay....gotta run & call Amazon to find out where my book is!

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