Thursday, September 27, 2007

A is for Apple

This week, in school, the kids are learning about apples. So when I was at the store today, I bought one of every kind of apple. Then I brought them home, and we tried a little bit of each. It was very fun. It's really interesting how different each apple tastes. Had a been a good homeschooling mom, we would have charted how they tasted, what they looked like, and which ones tasted best. But I didn't think of that until affter the apples had been eaten.

But here's what *I* found out, for any of you may be hunting for the perfect apple:

Royal Gala: Delish! :~P crisp and sweet, w/an extra fun little extra taste that I can't describe. My favorite.

Southern Rose: also crisp and sweet. my 2nd favorite

Braeburn: mildly sweet and sour. And not as crisp

Honey crisp: crisp and tart - but not like a Granny Smith.

Granny Smith: crisp and SOUR --Gideon's favorite. :)

Red Delicious: used to be my favorite until I tasted the first two. Compared to them, it's only a little bit sweet. --but on the bland side. Crisp.

Fuji: used to be another favorite, but compared to the others, it's soft and a little bland --just a touch of sweetness.

Pacific Rose: my least favorite. crisp but very bland. No point in tasting that one. --which was disappointing, since it was one of the most expensive in the store.

Gideon enjoys his Granny Smith


Gwendolyn said...

I'm with you. We never would've journaled the tastes of the apples either. I have wanted to do that with apples and also with vanilla ice cream. There are at least 4 kinds of vanilla ice cream. Anyway, now that you've blogged it, isn't that the same as journalling?

~just me~ said...

yah... but that was just *me* writing out. i didn't do it w/the kids, & talk about who liked which one more... but i liked your vanilla ice cream idea! yum! :P