Saturday, September 01, 2007

Discovery Cove part II

Whew! well, it only took me FOREVER to upload all of these photos, but here they are.... After swimming w/the dolphins, we went on to enjoy the rest of discovery cove (including the free food & alcohol).
Snorkel Chris

They had a huge snokeling area, where you could see all sorts of fun fish. One of the best parts was the GIANT rays, which ranged from 3-8 feet wide!!
the camera was hit & miss. i couldn't see what i was taking, so i'd just point the camera at something cool, press the button, & hope it turned out. I thought this photo was pretty cool

Nobody i know. I just thought it looked cool, all the legs floating around in the water. :)
Shark's view: dinner

Anther HUGE ray. these guys weren't shy. there were several that swam right up to me, & then lifted their fin, just in time to avoid bumping into me.

More fish. can't tell so well in the picture, but their colors were brilliant!


Chris. :)
After freezing our tooshies off in the "reef", we went into the warmer fresh-water pool, which had a lazy river thing that would take you around the park. At one point, we came to wall of water coming down over a bridge. when we got to the other side, we were swimming through the aviary.
This is Chris in the waterfall.
This aviary bird was enjoying the water with us.

underwater fun :)

Later, we stopped to watch other people swimming w/the dolphins.

This guy paid extra money to get an extra dolphin ride, among other things. He's standing on two dolphins as they push him through the water.
Next: the aviary. I took tons of bird pictures, cuz i thought they were so cool. Hope they don't bore you.

Chris feeds a bird.

loved the speckles on this guy's head.

My new best friend.
Check out this guy's colors! some sort of pheasant...

another one of the speckle-headed guy

They give you cups of food to feed the birds as you walk through. We must've come right around feeding time, because the birds were jumping right to us. however, by the time we had finished walking through, they had had their fill. It was so funny to see this big group of people w/their arms all lifting their offerings to to the birds, who weren't the least bit interested.
After the aviary, we went back to our hotel, packed some clothes, & started a 5(ish) hour drive down to the Florida Keys.

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