Monday, February 04, 2008

Cultural education

Every year around this time, our city has a huge film festival. I never know it's going on, until i hear the news about all the movies stars who were in town. And I think, "i never do anything 'cultured.' I should go to these film festivals & see all these 'cool' films." Well this year, i got my big break. Chris has a basketball friend who is an up and coming movie producer, who wrote a short film. So, Chris & another buddy decided they should go see it, to show their support--which meant that I got go, too! :)

This film was only about 20 minutes long, so the way it worked was, the official people picked out about 7 short films (10-20 minutes), & showed them all in one sitting. Our show was second to last, so we had to watch all the others first. Oh My Gosh!!! They were terrible!! --all for different reasons. some had terrible acting. some had terrible videography. some had terrible plots. some had all of the above. There were a couple that i actually thought were decent, but then they had sudden endings that left you hanging. Anyway... the one we went to see (Looking Up Dresses) was actually pretty good --well written & humorous. we really liked it. :) but When all the shows were done, we came out laughing at how terrible they were & said we would never do it again.

At least now, i can pretend to be cultured & say i've been to a film festival. :) AND, if "Looking up dresses" makes it big (which is the only one that should, IMHO) , i can say i was at the premier. :)

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Dog snob said...

How funny!! I've never really been into that sort of thing either, but I think it'd be something interesting to do if I ever had the chance :)