Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chloe's birthday

Soooo much to say! so little time.

We had people at our house every day last week. God's been doing a lot in our hearts over the last month. i'll try to write about it soon, but it will be a LONG post. For now, Chloe's birthday:

Chloe turned SEVEN on saturday. so fun!! After going back and forth all week, we finally just decided to do the jumper & hope for the best. It worked out perfectly, and there was no rain. Yay!! ...thank goodness, because we had 20 kids and about 10 adults. it was CRAZY! and would have been even more crazy if we had been inside.

I had planned on taking tons of photos, but it was so crazy that didn't even think about it. i'm glad a couple of my friends picked up my camera a few times. :) Here's a picture of the kids right before we had cake. There are a few missing, but i'm impressed we were able to get that many kids to be still at all. :) Chloe's the one in the orang shirt. And that's my Grandma in the background.


Tonya said...

You're killing me here. Leave us hanging, will ya? You better post soon!

More Than Conquerors...(Romans 8:28) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chloe!

It was great seeing you at Park Day on Tuesday! I want to hang out with you would be fun. Some Friday soon maybe and the kids can play together.

LOVE your family photo album!

Talk to you soon!

~just me~ said...

love to, Krista. sounds like fun! :)