Friday, February 29, 2008

a lovely evening

I had SO much fun last night!!! it was just wonderful! The restaurant was amazing. it's a small dark room, lined with couches, & tables where you eat your food. After i arrived, the waiter came & washed our hands with the most wonderful smelling water. (rose oil maybe?) The owner (Chef Karim) was so friendly & kept checking on us. We talked with him awhile and he told us all about Morocco & its history, language & culture. He served us a beautiful four-course meal, which we ate mostly with our fingers. Fantastic! Then the belly-dancer came out... and of course, my cruel girlfriends had to tell her that we were celebrating my birthday. *sigh* so.... i got up and had a little belly-dancing lesson.. but not before making all my friends join me. it was *so* fun! even though i'm terrible at it. :) Afterward the belly dancer sat down and talked with us for awhile. What a beautiful woman! She's been married for 25 years , & started belly dancing when her 2 kids were 2 & 5.... and still does it 20 years later! then she ran off to dance upstairs for a bachelor party. :)

and in the midst of experiencing the fun of the restaurant, it was so nice to spend time with my girlfriends. . it's such a great group of women who know each other well, & can talk on all levels from superficial to heavy. i just love them! ... such a wonderful night!

they took a few pictures... don't know when they'll be sharing, but i'll try to post some if they do.

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Tonya said...

We went to a Moroccan restaurant in Colorado Springs (Manitou Springs?) many years ago. Fabulous food. Felt like you were in a tent. Had a belly dancer too. Very fun! Glad you had such a great time!