Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Day!

Every couple years or so, when it rains, you we can see a light dusting of snow on the mountains above us. Chris always tries to get home early on those days, & we'll drive the windy roads up the mountains (along all the other townsfolk), and try to find a little patch of snow to play in, that hasn't melted yet. This year, we knew it was coming, so we planned ahead. I packed up all the kids winter things before chris got home, & as soon as he came, we all headed out the door. After driving just seven miles, we found the snow!

We turned up the mountain, & it was just *pouring* down!! (chris gets mad at me when i tell him the snow is "pouring". he says snow doesn't "pour." but i can't think of a better word.) This is the most snow I've ever seen in our area --and the closest to our home. it was so weird, because we could look down from the snow and see the beach! here are some pictures i took:

Zachy got cold quickly, & wanted to get back in the car.... i made him wait til i got a picture of him. :)
Chloe, Gideon & Chris made a snowman!

Evy didn't like the snow at all & cried to get back in the car, as soon as she was out. :)

Zachy catches snowflakes
I was a cold wimp & only came out for a few minutes before getting back in the car to get warm.
we had a lot of fun! on the way home, there were a lot more people out --probably came straight from work. One man, with his little boy, was still in his business suit. So cute! We saw another guy sledding on his surf board. And toward the end, we saw a couple who had gotten stuck on the side of the road, & helped pull them out. Once they got loose, the man kept going & almost crashed into us!!
it was a very fun special day. :)


Dog snob said...

Wow!! I dream of seeing snow like that!! I can't believe you guys get snow up there with you're perfect temperature and all.

ruthie said...


You are an amazing photographer.

We've had a bit of snow, but nothing sticks b/c it rains so much....

Heather said...

ooooooooooooooohhhhhh! that is amazing! i LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! how FUN! we got snow ONCE like that on Valentines Day here about 4 years ago. Josh was two. we made three big awesome snowmen. haven't seen snow like that in texas since i was 6 years old. ooooh, how fun!!!! i can't believe you were hiding in the car, girlie!!!! although i kinda don't blame you. kinda. :)