Monday, December 10, 2007

Surf's Up!

Last Thrs. we skipped school & decided to spend the morning walking by the beach. Apparently there was a really great tide, w/the biggest waves we've had in three years. This was very exciting to he whole surf community. Every where we looked, there were people walking around with surfboards. It was also interesting to see so many people who just came to watch. Guess we weren't the only ones with the great idea to play hookie.

This post is for you, Josh, as you bemoan the joys of winter weather. :(

i took lots fun pictures... here are the ones that i've gone through already.

loved all these pelicans sitting on the pipe. :)
Thought this was pretty

There were so many people out watching, that i had to take their pictures. I especially thought the photo below was humorous. Everywhere i turned, there were people standing around with their hands up on their heads. Felt very Twilight Zone-y

Even the birds sat around and watched.

Thought this was a cool catch. if you look closely, you can see the person is upside down, w/their head in the water.... hahahahaha! wipeout!

My favorite:

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