Thursday, December 20, 2007

Children & Love

Linda sent me an email of the different things kids said when they were asked, "what does love mean?" So I thought i'd ask my kids.

What is love?
loving God.
When you wish someone wouldn't die.
God made us in a special way because he loves us.

Helping and loving people.
When they're kind.

*Chloe: Like, hitting is not nice, which is not loving. Loving is being nice. God is love - agape love.

What people have you seen, who love each other?
Z: Chloe and Gideon, and you and Evy, and my whole family

G. People and Jesus

C: Brothers and sisters love each other even before they're born.

How do you show someone you love them?
Z: give them presents
G: talk to them
G: by thinking of them
C: give flowers to someone
Z: loving people when they're sad
G: when people feel sad, & you do something that's fun & they feel better.
C: you like what people give you instead of wanting more.

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