Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hair day!

Last week, we all visited our hairstylist. What fun! Chris, & Evy got the usual; I got a new color (which is "the usual" for me.) Gideon wanted "spikey" hair, so she did her best for him; Zachy got a mohawk; and chloe wanted a new look, so she got her bangs cut. It's amazing how different she looks! It took me awhile to get used to it. :)

A funny story about Zachary: while we were at the salon, i was looking through magazines, and found some pictures of a handsome blond guy, who looked very much like zachary. So I showed him the picture and said, "Look, Zachary. This is what you're going to look like when you grow up." He looked at the picture, & said, with an appalled tone of voice, "no, mom! I'm going to be a dinosaur when I grow up!!"


Dog snob said...

I love changing my hair color, it's become such an adventure going to the hair salon. So what color did you get?

kari said...

dark brown, w/red hightlights & then everything covered with red. :)

Gwendolyn said...

First of all, you can't post that you changed your hair color without showing a picture. And secondly, I think Zachary should be a dinosaur when he grows up if that's what he really wants. Too funny!:)

ruthie said...

Yeah...we want to see the new "do"! :) I've only been twice to have my hair cut since coming to the states...the last one was a $5 international hair cut in Houston and then I had to go have it fixed at another hair place. That was in April and I haven't been since!

kari said...

sorry gusy! i'm not sure i'll be able to get any pictures of *my* hair... we'll see. maybe at christmas?

Gwen - funny about Zachary. he used to change his mind all the time about what he wanted to be (the first time i asked, he wanted to be "a police, so i can put you in jail!" :) But ever since he chose dinosaur, he hasn't changed his mind. --i've been praying that God would give my kids clear callings on their lives... just didn't expect "dinosaur" to be it. ;~)

Ruth...oh my gosh! that's terrible! i guess that's what happens when you pay $5. :( i think it's time for some more pampering for you!