Monday, December 03, 2007

The Dance!

okay... i know you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats, wondering how my little dance went. So I'm here to ease your troubled minds. In the unlikely event that you actually have your own life, and don't keep track of every little thing that's happening in mine, I'll remind you: Sunday was the big day for the dance that i was teaching the kids! eek!

after three short practices with some not-so-thrilled kids, we had an awesome dance on Sunday morning!! YAY! i got to really connect with some of the kids that i worked with, & was able to pray with them about their fears, etc. And through the weeks, i prayed for them that God would break any pride or fear in their lives; that they would worship from sincere, joyful hearts; and that when they did, they would have breakthrough-- so that when they're grown, they would be able to look back on that day & remember it as a day that God touched their lives & changed their hearts, & gave them victory where they needed it. And it's so cool, because i actually saw that happen in some of the kids! one of the boys had terrible stage fright, but went through the whole dance without any fear. And one of the more troublesome boys came away saying that he wanted to be a pastor when he grows up.

It was just *so* cool to see God work in these kids lives, because they were willing to push through & worship Him. And it was so fun to see the adults touched because of their dance, too. And I'm so glad to have a relationship w/these kids that i didn't even know before. Now i remember why i love working with children so much!!

isn't it just like Satan to try to discourage you & make you feel hopeless & frustrated when you're trying to do something good? And isn't it just like our Father to take all those bad thoughts & feelings & turn them into something wonderful!?

And now the children's leader has asked me to consider teaching another dance in January... EEEK!


Anonymous said...

O Kari, somehow I knew God would bless YOU through this whole experience but I am so impressed that He led you to pray for the kiddos the way you did! You have no idea what went on in the heavenlies through your prayers and what was broken of bondage that will have eternal affects! You are such a faithful daughter to your King. He is SO VERY FOND OF YOU!!!

and so am I!


~just me~ said...

thanks, mom. :)

Ruth said...

Now are you going to post a video of it on YouTube?! :) I'm so glad it went well, and at the same time glad it's over for you! (For now, until January! Ha!)

~just me~ said...

i wanted to post it on youtube, but aside from being completely technically inept, i wasn't sure it would be okay, since it's full of children & i don't have their parents' permission...

Gwendolyn said...

Oh, so you have to show the video at our summer getaway. You are an inspiration!!

~just me~ said...

yah... maybe i could do that. :)

thank you. :)