Thursday, December 06, 2007

Getting ready for christmas

Every year, chris' company helps a church get ready for their big Christmas tree sale fundraiser. And every year, Chris' business partner gets a free tree as a thank you. This year, Chris playfully asked where *his* tree was.

Friday afternoon, chris calls me up and says, "one of the guys from work is bringing us a tree. you need to look at it & tell him if you like it." --like i would say no to a free tree! So the guy rings the doorbell, & i answer the door to see a 10foot tall tree!!!

usually we get a skinny home depot $20 ft tall tree & stick it in the corner of the dining room. This one is worth $150!!! And there's no way it would fit in our dining room. so we had to get rid of one of the chairs in our living room & put it there --good thing we have vaulted ceilings! :)

So Chris set up the tree on Sat. evening, & we spend sunday evening keeping with our decorating tradition: i serve eggnog & hot apple cider & we invite a friend to come join us in the festivities. Then I get mad at Chris for not helping while the rest of us decorate the tree. This year, Evelyn added a nice little twist by throwing up three times. I just have to say that my absolute least favorite thing about motherhood is throw up.


ruth said...

Gorgeous! Incredible! Praise God for anything free! :) And it looks really awesome...Love the stockings too! (I totally get the husband not helping decorate part! Ha! I even did the lights outside by myself too...oh well!)

Dog snob said...

The tree looks great!! Ashlyn has been begging us to put ours up, i'm thinking we won't make it to Christmas eve this time around.

Tonya said...

Yuck, throw up. Is everyone else getting it now?

Love that your boys look like they are decorating the tree in the buff. How cute is that! :-)

~just me~ said...

so far, it was only Evy that was sick --and just for the night, thank goodness. :)

re: the boys... yah. it's impossible for me to keep clothes on them. almost any picture of them at home is in their underwear. *sigh*

Tonya said...

Hey! We had puke at our house Friday night. Just thought you would like to know that!

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