Monday, November 12, 2007

What have I gotten myself into?

So my church is have this big money-raiser/celebration service on December 2. The children's pastor had this great idea that it would be fun to have the children to do a dance during the service. But her assistant is burnt out, trying to get a christmas program together. So... she asked me if i would make up a dance & teach it to the kids. --i don't know why she thinks i have any dancing ability, but she's very mistaken. BUT... i figured, how hard can it be to make up a cute little dance & teach it to some kids? so i said yes. (little did i know that i'd only get to have THREE thirty minute lessons before the perfomance!) Now i just got the music yesterday, & have spent ALL day trying to come up w/some cool dance moves that little kids can do. I'm very excited that i've come up w/something, but when i actually tried to teach it to my kids & the neighbor girls, i realized that i've got a lot of work to do. It apparently *is* pretty hard to come up with a dance & teach it to kids!

when i was trying to come up with some steps, i came across this video:

Lord You Are Good - Chrisitan Music Video Body Worship Dance

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mine's not going to be NEAR that good! did i mention that i only have 3 times to meet with the kids before they perform? ak!

anyway... the whole reason i'm telling you this, is because i'm not sure how much i'll be online for the next week or so, since every second of my free time will be spent teaching *myself* the dance steps, so i can teach the kids. :)


Ruth said...

Holy cow these kids must've practiced forever! I hope your song isn't nearly as long as this one...Hey Kari remember we took that dance class in high school? We weren't in the same class, but the same teacher and routines...I remember seeing you on the video when we got to watch each class' presentation! I can't believe I had the nerve to take that class...!!

Kari said...

actually, that *is* my song!! ak!

yes... i remember the class. & i remember watching myself on video & thinking, "i look terrible! i don't know why i thought i could dacne!" & here i am trying again.

heather said...

ok, i'm admitting here i've only watched a few seconds of the video - i can't finish watching right now. real quick, though, how many kids are in your group? just off the top of my head, why not try to incorporate some props...simple ones, like some scarves??? like they could swish them around over their heads, toss them, turn around, lots of stuff you can do with scarves (you can get cheapo bandanas, too). and it would take up time and be easy. :) there's a store online i ordered from for my class and they were pretty and cheap. let me keep thinking tonight...i'll watch the rest of the video tomorrow and see if i can think of another easy idea. how old are they?

kari said...

yah, heather. i acutally thought about that. Then when i was practicing yesterday, chloe came in w/a paper plate that she had tied ribbon to. & i thought it was a great idea. so i cut out some little "handles" from some plates & today i painted one of them silver & covered it with glitter. then i tied a bunch of ribbons around it. But i wasn't sure if i liked it, so i thought i'd try to get some ideas off of the internet. This is what i found:
My plate looks almost exactly like this (except mine has less "hair"). so funny that there's an actual "praise tool" that's like that.

But after more hunting, i found this:
and i think i like them better. so i'm gonna try to make them instead.

The age range is K-6th grade. 1/2 the challenge is thinking of something simple enough for the k's, but exciting enough for the 6th-ers. ak! and did i mention that we only get three practices?

don't know how many yet. the girl in charge guessed about 20.

Anonymous said...

Kari, I know you'll do a great job, especially as you ask the Lord what HE wants for these kids....
I think once you hear from HIM about that, as you trust Him, you will find it will be a fun and beautiful experience! I'll be praying for you . I think those kids are very fortunate to have someone so desirous of making this a most special event. Wish I could be there to watch! HOW FUN!


heather said...

ok, watched the whole thing. i'll call you later today and see what fabulous, wonderful ideas you've come up with. :) i'm sure you'll get some great ones! love the idea with the glittery paper plate and ribbons! PRETTY!!!!
i do have to say, i wish i could be there with you putting this together! we would have a BLAST! we'd laugh the whole time! :)

kari said...

oh, heather! how fun that would be! you could pack up right now, leave early thrs.. morning, drive for 2 days & get here friday night. Then spend a couple weeks helping me. what fun!!:)

okay...i'm ditching the silver plate thing, & i'm doing "ribbon rings" i'll tie a clump of ribbons to a small rubberband, & they can wear them on their middle fingers. WAY less work & then they don't have to think about holding the plates or anything. yay!

also.. the dance is coming together. i've pretty much got it down. now i just have to see how it goes on sundauy.

Ruth said...

Congrats! Sounds awesome...LOVE the ring-ribbon-finger idea!

Heather said...

woo hoo!