Thursday, November 08, 2007


last night, as we were getting ready to go to a meeting at church, all our sinks got backed up & water started pouring out of the dishwasher. We got it all under control, & planned to call the plumber this morning. But before we had the chance, it all errupted from the dishwasher again. The plumber came out & de-clogged our pipes, & looked under the dishwasher to see if there was any damage to the wood floors. while he was looking, he discovered that our dishwasher is leaking, which he won't fix. So we have to call an apliance guy to come take care of the. Also, there's no water *under* the dishwasher, but it's gotten under our sink cabinet. And we can't get to it unless we cut a hole in the bottom of the cabinet. So it's just sitting there, seeping into the wood floors. and it's not just any water... it's stinky, garbage disposal, been-sitting-all-night water. And every time i walk near the sink, the stinky water seeps out between the cracks of wood. The plumber was very encouraging & let me know that the smell is just going to get worse.

So, for any of you who were thinking of getting hardwood floors (heather) i would be sure *not* to put it anywhere that might get wet, like your kitchen.

On a lighter side, I told the plumber how i have the utmost admiration for plumbers & how they deal with other people's nastiness for a living. So he was kind enough to share his most disgusting experience with me, which was at the morgue. Since I've never dealt with the business of death before, he explained that they have an embalming table where they drain people's body fluids & cut their hair & fill them with embalming fluid. Well, apparently, the table drain got clogged & he was called out to fix it. He said it's the only time he had to run outside & gag because the smell was so bad. YUCK!


Dog snob said...

That's disgusting. I'll never become a plumber now i'll tell you that!!

Heather said...

ok...thanks for sharing? i now have a diet plan. re-read this post every day. it will cure me of any desire to eat.

on the other hand, I AM SO SORRY. that's horrible!!! what a frustrating thing!!!!!!!!!

we are looking at laminate now. less expensive, easier to install, and everyone we've talked to says it's perfect if you have young kids 'cause it doesn't scratch easy.

eeeeeeeewww, i can't get the story out of my head that the plumber told you. YUCK. YUCK. YUCK.


Ruth said...

Yep, that's pretty nasty. On the other hand, do you ever look on the plumber's receipt and see just how much the labor part of it is? It's something ridiculous like $100/hour or something! Those guys make money! Or their boss' do. Maybe that's what gives them the motivation to clean out people's (dead or alive) drains.

Ruth said...

So with Kari's plumbing, Heather's house sickness, and my awful day and personal sickness, how 'bout let's all go to Starbucks' for a girls' night?!

Heather said...

yeah, sounds good! here's what we'll do. we'll all take cell phones and set a time up...of course, we'll have to take time zones into account... :)